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2005-03-04 01:15:51 (UTC)

orange tiger kitten

So I went to the mall tonight. Kind of disappointing
because I didn't find much. I got three shirts that's it. I
hate that whenever you go to the mall for clothes you can
never find anything...but the times you don't go for
clothes you do. what is up with that!? Then I decided that
I was going to go visit Jenn and Tim's grandpa. I talked to
Jenn for a little over an hour. I have so much fun talking
to her. She reminded me how I am the best thing that
happened to Timothy!! :) That makes me happy. We talked
about a lot of stuff. I might go down to Florida with her.
Fun! So anyways I am going to call her next week and we are
going to go out to eat. I can see me and Jenn becoming
close. That would be nice. We have alot in common, it's
kind of strange. So yeah then I went over to
Grandpa's...and I saw the new kittens.... they are so
precious. I wish I could have the orange one. oh well. I
told him that I would go see him next week when me and Jenn
went out to eat.

anyways now i'm ganna go take a shower, do my hair, and
wait for timothy to call me.

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