the married beer guy
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2005-03-03 23:47:49 (UTC)


holy cow my head hurts man. em slept till 10 or so. i got
up and watch some tv with the kids. good ole cody got
cereal for both him and vanni. what a brother, i was
proud! Well em finish cleaning and packing. ME AND CODY
GOT THE MILLINEUM LEGO FALCON done. what great bonding
for me and cody. it was great and breakable. well finally
ate some soup to make the hangover go away. *bling alert*
me and em ran the go carts at fun station friday night wow
for like 25 laps NICE* okay back to sunday. vanni was
great at bedtime story time. we read that book with
animals on it. she tried so hard to sound out before she
pulled the tab to find out what the word was. KI KI KI E
E E E TA TA TA TA E E E E N N N N. now say it faster
ki e ta ta e n n. it was great she said kitten, she didnt
realize she said it till she pulled the tab. DAD I CAN
READ. during the day AGAIN :-), me and em had fantastic
sex. video and oral and from behind. i spewed all over her
back. she jolted when that hot cream hit her. NICE! wow
ems last night here in the apt. and what do we
doo.....sleep. i hold her all night long! thaaaank uuuu
WAIT 11:30 NEXTEL IS RINGING its damian trying to get thru.
i wait for the next ring and damnit he needs off because
of kids sick. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU DO JAMES! have to get
the kids to school and rest enuff to drive to ocala and
that route starts at 3 FUCK!!!!! I DEcide on running the
grocery stores and force john to run the carts for the day
i should be able to get those stores off by 630 or so.