the married beer guy
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2005-03-03 23:25:30 (UTC)

continue 2-26-05

went to the other kids place for some drinking and fun! i
cant believe they had the rook card game sitting on the
table. oh yeah cody and vanni stayed by themselves at the
apt. em immediatly grabbed and tried to teach us. trace
and em know how to play me and kalie just looked at them
and played stupid. we tried one round face up then one
round face down. em axed if we should play. i immediatly
gave two big thumbs down. then i taugh them all three man
dice game. yep that did the trick. we got drunk fairly
quickly.oh yeah i though em and kalie would hook up. em
sure was tryin. well the night got to like 12 or so. and
trace i think passed out. kalie and em both went braless.
NICE! well one of those two said we should play strip rummy
and you know me. i tried to loose. got all the way down to
shorts. and then em won once and got kalie to take belt
off. em won again. well either my shorts or kalie pants or
shirt. em said we should quit and go home. oh well....
oh damnit totally forgot about the 430 sexapade me and em
had.....right after i got home. ok time to sleep.

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