the married beer guy
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2005-03-03 23:09:42 (UTC)


hey there beer guy. well you told emily that you were
going to start one of these babies. it would alway be neat
to see what i/u have done on a certain date and recollect.
well what a great time to start since we are going to
ocala to basically start over. So lets start with sat the
26. work of course. Mike walker was mod today. i worked on
the dsrmas route 25 so that the draft truck could use the
new handhelds. remember route 125 on salesman line 5. that
took about 2 hours. mike wash his car and stuff. and fixed
up the drivers room. good job!got rid of the cracked table
and got a new one in there. checked on the keg accounts.
talked to nic about the st pattys day things where i will
green kegs at his place.emily didnt want to keep the kids
after lunch due to all the packing needing to be done. so
i went to get em at db place BUT however had to wait on
them there. rick met with them at the fair grounds. yeah
the rick who got kicked out last week or so for being a
drunk i guess! got home and help em pack clothes

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