2005-03-03 23:02:32 (UTC)

fuck the humane society!!

I just reported a dog as a stray and the humane society picked it up. THEN they called me and said, "That was your dog, we're charging you 50 dollars for a pick up fee." It was NOT my dog. Some stupid kid abaondoned it at my house a few days ago. He was supposed to pick it up a couple of days ago 'cause I couldn't keep her. So when that dog got to the humane society, someone knew the dog's family and called them. Then they said they gave the dog to me. Now I'm picking up the bill for that stupid fucking kid. RARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news I am 28 weeks and four days pregnant. I got a shot of rhogam in my butt cheek today, but everything is going fine. :D

Well, gtg kill something.

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