roni vohs

crying MY regrets
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2005-03-03 22:42:56 (UTC)

jaunary 27 2005

dear journal

i cant believe what mike told me last night. i just wanted
to cry when he told me that he thinks the only reason that
i want to get back with him is to see sunny and not for
the love. im not out to use anyone for anything. im not
like that at all. i dont really know what is really going
through his mind right now but i wouldnt do that to him.
even if we are both friends with her. ya i love that girl
to death she is like my older sister i still wouldnt use
him like that. ya i might want to see her once in a while
but still. but anyways to get that off my mind im gonna go
into something else. well i had practice last night. i was
so sick. i couldnt even move. i wasnt diving for anything
i wasnt calling for anything and i sure in hell wasnt
getting anything over the damn net. so finally i was
starting to get yelled at a lot but that ok cuz i started
to laugh i dont know why i just think its funny when
someone start to yell at me and i dont know the answer when my mom yells at me i have to try so hard not
to laugh cuz then ill get my ass beat if i laugh when she
is yelling at me. lindsay was on the other court with the
other team and it looked like she felt bad for me. but its
all good i can handle my coach she isnt that
mean..haha...well then i finally threw up and my coach saw
why i wasnt doing as good as i usually do so she let me
sit down. when i sat down i was watching this girl that
looks like a frigging freashmen but she is 21 playing
volleyball. her name is probably know im
talking about lindsay my coach for high school. she isnt
to shabby. haha. naw she is really good thats why she is
like my role model and i follow her steps in volleyball.
thats why im getting so good..hahah...well im heading off
to bed much love to everyone..