roni vohs

crying MY regrets
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2005-03-03 22:26:13 (UTC)

january 25 2005

last night i talked to mike. omg!! i felt bad that i didnt
call him for help. when i really needed it too.. thats not
usually like not calling him if i have a problem you know!
when sunny told me that she told mike how i was feeling i
felt bad and called him right away. when i called him i
just wanted to spell out everything to him. but i asked
were he was so i didnt get in the way of anything and he
said im at a friends house playing video games. but
earlier that day he said he was going to go to aprils
house to play games with her brothers or some shit like
that. so i told him ill talk to him later and made the
story really really short. we ended our conversation and
when he got home he IMed me. and he asked me what he can
to do to make things better. i told him that there is
nothin really that can change what my mom did..and that i
was going to be depressed for ever and ever..over this
shit..then i said but its just not my mom thats making me
the way i am. its you as well i love you so much that i
cant stand seeing you with april anymore. its like tearing
up my heart in millions of piece everytime i think about
it. i want to be with you so badly. and i regret doing the
things i did by like breaking up with you. that will hunt
me for the rest of my life. even if we do get back
together. so our conversation ended right after that so we
didnt talk for too long..but i wish i could say everynight
of my life "i love you with all my heart mike forever and