Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-03 21:58:40 (UTC)

freek a leek

well, today was alright the schedule was mixed up and
shyt. it was alright. Uh, Idk what happened a few things I
guess.physical fitness time in gym, oh i love this time of
the year. I get to make a fool outta myself! Haha.
tomorrow night im going to the movies with
jayson,holly,nada, and tim and possibly Jillian! Cant
wait!!! Yay. School has been alright. I think im failing
biology go figure he's such a dickface. Grr, Im making up
lame words that's how much I hate him. Things between Jay
and me have been really weird, fighting and argueing, but
we are getting passed that. I love him deep down. So
that's all that matters. I've been pmsing so he's got to
understand that..I get so mean when im pmsin and im so
sorry. I seriously thought I was going to lose Jayson this
week. Like, i thought we'd be over and that scared me.
Yeah, I know we'd go back to being good friends, but that
would be way too awkward because I look at him as more
than a friend now. He's my best friend, my boyfriend, my
everything and I want it to remain that way. I know he
loves me and its for sure, he's a sweetheart. There are
things he does that hurt me, but he always apologizes and
in the end makes me feel better and that's what matters.
God, I love him so much he means the world to me..boy, i
think ive fallen ...xox I love you

Jayson I love you
December 8, 2004
- always

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