Elizabeth M.
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2005-03-03 21:46:39 (UTC)

My lunch w/Dave

Of coarse Dave called to wake me up. He told me to get
ready because he was hungry. He called like 10 mins later,
I met up w/him at Jillians, I have really never been in
there, I didn't know that this place had a bar and food, I
thought it was just games. Dave hugged me and we started to
talk, He kept on asking me what I was mad about, He could
see it on my face, I told him nothing, I sip my wine. So we
began to talk again, ....he was asking me about the Mark
thing and etc. He was being nice, he was trying to figure
out if I did anything wrong in all of my relationships. He
has come to the conclusion that I just pick Losers, And
that I take care of these guys when the guys should be
taking care of me. I just nodded my head. I guess I do too
much. But as I told Dave,I want to be treated the way I
treat my men, I want to be spoiled, and hugged all of the
time and told how that person makes me feel, I don't see
anything wrong w/that. I told him how I met this one guy
who I never met before and he sat down and talked to me,
not even about my relationships or about Mark. It was funny
because of the things he said, He was telling me by the way
I looked/acted/ and talked that I was a kind hearted person
who would do anything and everything for a loved one or a
friend,and protect them, that I was a nice person who was
smart and likeable. I just smiled at this guy. I couldn't
believe how well this person knew who I was. I guess it's
written all over my face. I told Dave somethings, I told
him that when I was w/ mark even w/I first met him that I
was very confortable w/him. I didn't know why but I was, I
told Dave that for once I did something that I have never
done, He asked What? I told him that out of all the guys I
have been with including Dave that I told Mark everything,
including my past. I never told anyone everything, not one
soul. Dave started to ask, so finally I told him everthing,
since Dave has been around for years. I told him about how
evil I used to be when I was a teenager, about my first ex
and being pregnate, then my second ex, and how he used to
hit me and took a gun to me, about my child hood and all of
my problems and now the Mark thing,but I still didnt tell
dave everything about Mark. Then we walked into the Bass
Pro store and started look at fishing gear and stuff and
boats. That is so weird,... I then went to see Robin, I
haven't spoke to her in about 1 week, She freaked out w/
Tracy, They were shocked to see that I had straight hair,
Faith jumped on me and hugged me then started to talk to me
about my straight hair, the girls were saying how they
liked my hair this way and it make me look different, it
really does, everyone that has seen me has to do a second
look to make sure its me. I laugh everytime. So Robin/
and I all started to talk, Tracy says that I am in denile
about my dad, she is probably right,It just seems that he's
on one of his trips, like he always used to do when we were
younger. Kate is sooo angry!! She is really to kill someone.
Anyways, I talked to Joey for a bit, I haven't talked to
heather,She is so funny, she keeps on saying that I am her
only friend,it;s hard to believe that, she is likeable, I
wanted to speak w/ her and tell her that I was sorry for
not talking to her in the past couple of weeks. I am going
to give her the baby clothes that I bought for myself. I
think she'll like them, I have very good taste in clothes.