If Only....
2005-03-03 19:42:06 (UTC)

Colonel Sanders...

2:30 PM

So, I went to KFC and got us something to eat.
Alex has the smallest appetite ever.
I got him a 99cent snaker and some potato wedges and he
didn't even take a bit of his chicken sandwich... he just
ate like 5 fries and replied he was "done".

* a few digested bites of a roasted chicken twister.
* another glass of ice water w/ lemon
* and yes, one potato wedge

For some strange reason, I thought it would be beneficial
to not only drink 1/2 of my ice water before even taking a
bite of my twister- to fill my stomach up, but I also took
it upon myself to chew my food up until I was about to
swallow it- and then spit it out into the wrapper the
sandwich came in.
For a second, I felt like it was a weird disorder and I
began to wonder if other's have done that as well, because
I have never heard anyone admit that... And then I thought
I was playing "MAMA BIRD" and yet, I had no baby bird to
spit into it's mouth. REGERGITATED FOOD...Ewww.
But I do have to say, maybe staring at my food wadded up
into a little throw up ball helped me lose someof my
appetite because I can honestly say I was ready to put my
twister in the microwave for later, along with Alex's
lunch... with no hesitations.
It's like smelling your food for 2 minutes before you take
your first bite... Maybe your mouth waters so much it
convinces your brain you get full faster.
But then again, it doesn't sound the same at all and that
is definitely something I don't want to do in a restuarant.

Maybe I should take a break now and catch a little TV
because I haven't yet- even after I said I would.

Until Next time...

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