the Soap Opera
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2005-03-03 16:35:32 (UTC)

Here We Go

well i dont really know what to say but WASUUUUUUUUUUUP, i
suppose u want a little introduction.
My names Joe Mac, goes to 6form in Grange, i'm in my
second year studying:
Performing Arts (quitin soon)
English Lit
i'm quite loud, maybe the loudest in 6form, like to jump
around, strip down to my Boxers. got a Girlfriend.
the main reason why i'm doin' this cuz my Buddies in the
Chain Gang (Neil, Daroon and Oven Ready Steve Tippett)are
also doing a diary, which i think is a good idea.

2day was an interestin day as usual, went into the common
room to find shaun, clarky, hodge n kerry. sat for a while
listenin' to some Micheal Jackson when Clarky made a face
at me and get this straight NOBODY MAKES A FACE AT JOE MAC
THEN GETS AWAY WITH IT, so i chased him with a floof strip
as he ran into his car then locked it, then he drove to
the courts. so me n shaun went down to the courts and
stuck posters on his car saying 'YOU WILL DIE' as he sat
in his car helplessly. he drove off as me n shaun chase
his car, clarky was panicking as we stood infront of the
car he couldnt drive away n he stooled me n shaun cheered
then went back upto the common room the listen to some MJ.

neil came into 6form me neil shaun n steve went up n did a
test conducted by lisa A & Hayleigh, which was about
rememberin numbers n letters, went bak to the common to
watch neil lift little B*tch over his head and spin him
around which was hillarious. we need to bring bak the BLF
but its easier said than done.

went to media but not much happened jus joked around
realy, dave was polite enuff to give me the traditional
lift home.

goin' to see me gf 2nite which shud be gd fun as usual, so
lookin forward to that!

a little P*ssed off at the moment cuz my Mark Morrison cd
aint come through yet but hopefully 2moz fingers crossed.
gettin a cheq aswell for my car for £400 which is lovely

may the force be with you
Joe Mac x x x x x

song listenin' to at the moment: DMX- Slippin'
DVD watchin at the moment: Dr Terribles House of Horrible

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