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2005-03-03 16:14:01 (UTC)

Day Number Six

no school for me today. Didn't feel like going. oh well. I
can't believe it's been six days since Tim has been gone.
It doesn't feel that long. I guess the rest of the time
that he is away will fly. He didn't call me last night so I
am assuming that he will call me tonight. Last time he left
he called me almost every other night. So we will see.
Natalie was ganna stay home today too so I have to go call
her in a couple of minutes to see if she is up or not. Who
knows! I had some weird dreams last night about Tim.

Girl scouts sucked last night. I hate when they come into
work. They were well-manored but that were loud....and well
they were kids!! It was a slow night.... me and Brie just
sat around and talked. The guy from the perfume place came
up to me and asked me how business was...we talked for a
good five minutes...haha then when he left he was like aww
you are so cute! i said thankyou. haha i think i made a new
friend. haha.

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