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2005-03-03 13:53:04 (UTC)

Thursday, 3rd March, 2005 - And Here I Am Again...

I had a lot to say last night but didn't get the chance to
say any of it and now I don't know if I should just forget
it or try to catch it all up.

I could spend all day writing out my thoughts and fears and
bullshit. It's my biggest problem, fucking trapped in my
head and I can't get out. NO fucking WONDER I'm a
depressed as hell headcase.

I've never been one to do good academic work or to write
well during the day but when I get to my JOB, that's all I
want to do. Perhaps it is the lure of doing something
other than what I do all day here - boring fucking monkey
work bullshit.

I'm tired. I'm cold - my hair is wet b/c I had a shower
this a.m. and it's not yet dry - and I was 15 minutes late
which means I have to leave 15 minutes late which just
really pisses me off - especially b/c in the subway the
clock said it was 0831 when I disembarked and a 3 or 4
minute journey to my place of employment found me facing a
clock that reads 0845. Bite me. I have my watch set on
that clock, though, so I knew I was late, but that clock is
clearly wrong. The computer clock says it is currently
0851 and my watch says 0905. ARGH.

I'll likely add to this during the day. Right now, I have
to start a new entry about something that really REALLY got
me mad last night, write a couple of work and non-work
related e-mails and then start my day.

Lovely. Fucking lovely.

Later -


It's later. 1200 to be exact. I just did rejigged my

God I can't do this. Nor can I stand it. I want to cry...
no...I want to destruct something...but since I can't do
that, I want to cry.

And you know what? I HATE ......




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