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2005-03-03 06:43:32 (UTC)

a brand new start of me and david

i've probably bein far 2 annoying...
thinking of this and that of how can me and dav could be
together someday..

till today, i've read some lyrics
"love fades
people change
but you stay in my heart eternally"

right! it might sound really frustrating, and helpless,
and hopeless, and it reflects exactly wat i m thinking now.

but there comes the idea of the brand new start? well, i
still cant call dav for this, but watever, i wanna be his
frd, hopefully, he will share his joy, his sadness, all
his things tht he wanna share, i can be shared=P*

being obsessed might hurt david, he will be pain, he will
suffer n he wont be happy
so, letting go will at least do him good

so listen up david=)
i love you n i let you go
live as u love, as u want, as u wish, as u r happy with
this is all i ask for

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