Elizabeth M.
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2005-03-03 04:54:34 (UTC)


Respect is what My Aunt Tammy told me to keep in MInd.
Don't let anyone change you,not even a guy. I love my Aunt,
She is so cool. We had a talk today about my dad and my
problems w/guys and life itself. She told me that I don't
have to be a bitch but... don't give 100% of myself to any
guy. She is right!
I have changed somethings about myself beside my hair
being straight. I am going back to school, I am no longer
looking for a relationship w/anyone, I am putting the hole
Mark thing behind me( tho it is still hard) and I am going
to start getting myself out there to meet people and If I
decide to have a one night stand, I will start to have them
( my sis cant believe that I have said that, Everyone knows
me for being the type of person who doesn't do 1 night
stands but only does relationship/faithful,etc)not anymore,
I need to change. I refuse to get hurt anymore by guys who
I think are on the up and up,it's my turn to start useing.
I was so happy to see that Dave came tonight. Dave was my
bosses best friend and after my last big relationship my
boss felt that I needed a one night stand, I told him that
I couldn't do that, But I was able. But w/dave it wasn't a
1 night stand it became a 12 mon stand and we became
friends. I cried when I saw him. He bought me a drink
afterwards and we talked. I told him of my new plans. He
said that he was game. I told him that I didn't know if I
could do that again w/him. He told me that he better be
first on my list for 1 night stands. I laughted. Dave has
always been good to me. He introduced me to all of his
friends and he took me out to dinner and lunches and ect.
Dave and I had alot of fun together. Tomorrow Dave and I
are going to have lunch. He keeps on telling me, I told you
so about Mark, and I hate that. Mark never knew that Dave
and I had that type of relationship and I wasn't going to
tell him that, it was in the past.
The service was wonderful, I couldn't believe how many
people came, I didn't know half of them. I cried at the
service, I am going to miss him, I loved my dad, he was
always there when I needed to cry on a shoulder. I haven't
heard anything from Casey yet, he's always late when he
stops by. I wonder how he is and how he is looking( he
looks like Brad Pitt) No joke, I tend to always go out w/
really hot men, Ihave hight standards. He is going to freak
when he sees the new me. Well it's late so I will try to go
to bed.

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