Can You Help Me?
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2005-03-03 04:18:16 (UTC)

I'll always be here

Please forgive me for being so blunt,
But this is an issue I have to confront.

I can see the hurt in your eyes,
It's really not a big suprise.

I saw where this was going long ago,
But I never let my true feelings show.

Now, at your request I'll spill,
Until you tell me you've had your fill.

I should have said it from the start,
I knew it was going to rip out your heart.

It was so ovbious from the beginning,
I left you alone - my head was spinning.

Deep down I wanted to save you,
But I knew you you had to have some clue.

Now I watch as you try so heroically,
Doing what you must, stoically.

You don't want them to see your pain,
Because you fear their fogivness would be in vain.

I promice you I'll always be here,
When ever you shed a tear.

Don't worry about the time you call
I will never let you fall.

I'll always be here,
To talk you through your biggest fear.