Can You Help Me?
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2005-03-03 04:10:32 (UTC)

It Wont Work..

I really dont understand
Why I alloud myself to be
In the palm of your hand

I guess I never thought
You could be so evil
I guess I had to be taught

No one's perfect or flawless
Not as innocent as you seemed
In you mind, your actions lawless

You've told so many one thing
And I've stood back not defending
But soon the truth will ring.

Don't play me like this,
I can promice if you do
I shant cease to exist.

Your little games wont work,
I won't be roped back in.
I'm not going to go berserk.

I'm sorry to have to tell you,
I've been done with you for a while,
I'll leave you to yourself so true.

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