Let's see how long this lasts
2005-03-03 02:55:53 (UTC)

Dreams and Songs

Wow, my body spoke to me today by demanding sleep. I had
no choice. My body slept. I drug it to my classes, it
slept. I drug it to my music classes, it made noises
offensive to any ear. I drug it to advising with a smiling
face and ate while reading my mail,... well... It
cooperated then, but I find the company of my advisor quite
cheerful and I was starving and I actually had real
tangible mail! Particularly a letter from my grandmother.
I love her. Lately she expresses unfavorable opinions
about me and I've always been her favorite, so it hurts
when she acts like I'm a bad person, cause I'm not. So,
anyway... I pulled myself upstairs, literally. As soon as
my head hit the pillow, I was out. From three until 5:20 I
dreamt of terrible things. Evidently we were doing a
community choir thing, and I was late and wearing jeans,
and I didn't know what to do. Some how I ended up either
drunk or beat up on the floor with all my choir friends
around me unable to move except for my arms. I tried to
get up, they were pulling me, but to no avail. My teeth
were all knocked out. (By the way, those are my LEAST
favorite dreams of all time. I HATE them. They feel so
real and I would know. I HATE that so much!!!) Then I was
in this bathroom and these old ladies were talking about
how "it was an outrage, an absolute waste!" They couldn't
believe it! For some reason what they were saying angered
me and I turned around and yelled at them saying that they
should feel proud that such a university has welcomed them
and that we were very hospitable or something. and they
said something about Barbara Walters making a huge donation
so we had to make a fuss over her? WHAT?!?!?! Anyway, so
I went to eat with Jon, only to find out I wasn't hungry at
all. Came back with every intention to stay awake. Nope.
Out like a light. More dreams about singing in choir.
Woke up at 7:30 unable to move. Blah. I good now though.
Whit's sick, so I was entertaining her by going through
some songs I used to sing at the Opry. It was quite a
memory trip for me. "Crazy" "Strange" "Gaurdian
Angels" "Bill Bailey" "Up on the Housetop" "You Got
it" "Clown in Your Rodeo" "Cry" wow. What fun. :)

Final thought: I ain't gonna be the clown in your rodeo.
I ain't gonna be the freak in your fair. I ain't gonna be
the floor for your do-si-do. No baby gonna dust you off
and ride on out of here.

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