Can You Help Me?
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2005-03-03 02:43:50 (UTC)

My Life

Pain is inflicted
Stinging and burning

To soothe my soul
Unheard of.
To be numb
To the world
So hard to achieve.

My ups and downs
Never cease.
Constant roller coaster
One ticket to life.

I don't know why
I feel like this
So often
Like I don't know
What's going on
Inside myself.

I want to scream and cry
Be held.
I know I can never have that
Because to have that would mean
I revealed it all
To someone burdening them
With something
No one deserves.

I locked it inside
And intend to throw away
The key.

I can't bring myself to do so
Just yet.

I'm hoping
To find someone
I can trust
To hand that key to
Tell them never to lose it.

Time's running short though
I think I might just throw it away

To a place
Never to be found