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2005-03-03 02:11:56 (UTC)

am i a rebound

whats up you guys.. n2m here.. i just got off the phone
with catt. because ronnie called her at 9 let u no im not
aloud to call her at 9 so im thinking.. what the fuck...
then earlier today at school ronnie came to gym which is
kinda odd because he stop coming after him and catt broke
up but i kinda knew why he came.catt. im begining to
wonder if there is something still there between them. cuz
they were all over each other after gym slap boxing but it
looked more like flirting to me..and iwas kinda
mad about that.. thats probably why i feel out of it
today.. im kinda wondering if im jealous.. why should be
jealous tho.. by what catt says shes over ronnie and there
just friends.. so y am i jealous...... grr.. dont no why.
i just hope theres nothing between them because if there
is they may be problems in are relationship.. .. brb..
ok.. back.. catt called back... she said that ronnie had
to go because some girl called him dont no dont really
care.. al well .. well i guess ronnie is pist off that me
and catt are going out.. and thats not cool.. that means
he still likes her or still wants to do stuff with her and
has me worried because i dont think catt would cheat on me
but if she did i better find out by her because if i dont
its a garrenty we'll be finished. im with her because i
think we can have a strong relationship and i dont want
someone that will cheat on me and ill find out by someone
else nope.. not gonna happen to me again. Im not saying
shes cheatin on me or she will, im just stating a
important fact that im not gonna cheat on her and im not
gonna be with a cheater...so..

but ok new subject.. steve my buddy that lives across the
street got beat up 2day because some cocksuckinbastard
decided he want to go after steve cuz i guess steves ex
g/f said something to him and he just got pissed at steve
i dont no the whole story all i no is erin last name
starts with a C cant think of it at the present moment..
picked steve up by the neck and slamed him into the brick
wall.. and i guess steve gots a cut in the back of the
head with 2 stiches.. so im pissed about that the kid is
twice steves size so i understand y steve didnt want to
fight back but still i would of.. ive been raised not to
take any shit from anybody big or small.. if u fight u got
to be willing to get hurt.. but if ur adrenaline is like
mine.. watch out..when my adrennaline is pumped up.. i
feel no pain.. and i leave no mercy.. .

well it 10 17 im tired.. im gonna go..

i love you catt.. i think im just out of it
because its been a screwwed up day.. and im tired 2 so ..
but i love you.. !

later guys