Define beauty.
2005-03-03 01:29:35 (UTC)

This night is wild, so calm and dull..

Julian Alexander Daly,
1 year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 25,600 minutes.
31,536,000 seconds.
I didn’t think I’d ever write someone a letter
about knowing them for a year. I’ve had some friends from
kindergarten and I’ve still never written them a letter,
but I guess you’re just different. I never thought the
same boy my best friend was “in love with” would become my
best friend.
You’re truly the most wonderful person I’ve ever
met. I know you still don’t believe me, even after all our
talks, but you are. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve had your
moments (and so have I), but each time, you come right
back to remind me exactly why I love you so much.
I never realized how much one person could change
my life. You taught me how to care about someone
undyingly. I know we’ve had many fights and arguments, but
they’re all in the past and I’m so happy about that. And
now, finally, it’s been one year since I met someone who I
now consider my best friend.
I think I knew from the moment I met you, we’d be
friends. I don’t know why, but I felt like I just had to
be friends with you. Ever since I remember, I had two best
friends. It was always Jessica and Cassie. It just was.
And when freshman year began, Cassie and I were basically
joined at the hip. Things started failing with Jess and
then, things with Cassie got hard. I thought no matter
what, Cassie would be my one and only. You and I got close
pretty quickly and before I knew it, Cassie had
disappeared and Spring Break rolled around. Looking back,
I don’t think we went more than 12 hours apart. I would
really give anything to get those days back. I still don’t
really know what happened to us in the beginning of
summer, nor do I want to remember. All I know is that I
missed you. I felt so strange without you. When I started
feeling that way, I got scared. I guess that led me to
distance myself even more and I regret that so much now.
After everything though, we definitely were closer. I
think our fights almost force us to let all of our
feelings come out. I know that it hasn’t been easy for you
to have someone checking up on you all the time, always
telling you what to do, but it’s because I love you so
I remember after one of our fights, we talked and
I just sat and cried. Not because I was upset we had
fought, but because I realized how lucky I was to have
you. I still have that conversation saved with all my
conversations. And I only keep the important ones. And I
remember I had recalled, on my birthday, you said, “You
never said I complete you, but you say that to Cassie.”
And then, I asked you if you remember that and you
said “yes” and I told you exactly how I felt about you.
jeXsuisXaimee: Julian, remember that one time when you
told me that I had never said you completed me?
WheresWaldo824: yea
jeXsuisXaimee: the entire time I've known you, I've been
thinking it.
jeXsuisXaimee: you do complete me.
jeXsuisXaimee: and I'm sorry for not telling you how much
you mean to me..
WheresWaldo824: you complete me too your one of the only
people who know the real me and i cant tell u how nice
that feels i will always be there for you Alex and I will
always be someone who u can tell anything
jeXsuisXaimee: you don't what you saying that does for me..
WheresWaldo824: you have only ever been there to help me
and never lost hope in anything i did and always looked
out for me
jeXsuisXaimee: and I will always do that for you.
WheresWaldo824: and you've only ever helped me with my
WheresWaldo824: every insecurity I've had I've been able
to tell you
jeXsuisXaimee: which you know you shouldn't have.. because
you're the most amazing person I've ever met
I still feel that way about you. I can promise
you, I will always feel that way. Even if we drift apart
or I’m having a bad day, I still will feel that way.
There are always going to be things going on. We
will always each have our own problems to deal with. There
are certain things that will just always change (for
better or for worse), but if we can promise to be there
for eachother, no matter what, we’ll both be okay.
1 year of memories. 365 days of laughter. 8,760
hours of smiling. 25,600 minutes of knowing you.
31,536,000 seconds of loving you. For all these things and
more, thank you. I love you more than you will ever know.
“420” “King’s Blend” “Ohio is for Lovers” “Swing,
Swing” “Crush” “One Call Away” “Don’t Stop
Believin’” “Love Song” “Summer Girls” “Okay” “Forgot About
Dre” “Stacy’s Mom” “Konstantine” “Turn Me On” “Mr.
Brightside” “Rape Me” “Let Me Love You” “She Will Be Loved”

ConstantxChange (11:12:54 PM): haha yea...i hate to say it
but it made me cry
ConstantxChange (11:13:02 PM): and i havent cried in 2
jeXsuisXaimee (11:14:00 PM): shut up. you're lying.
ConstantxChange (11:14:06 PM): im not
jeXsuisXaimee (11:14:26 PM): i love you so much, julian.
do you even understand that?
ConstantxChange (11:14:34 PM): i do and i love you too

...makes me wonder

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