My Ruined Reputation
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2005-03-03 01:03:37 (UTC)

Yours or Mine?

And again I go for a long time without writing. Oh
well...deal with it. Anyways...to continue with what I had
started talking about in my last entry, which was the
issue with Brittany and Joey. Well some new stuff has
happened with that. On Saturday night me, Jasmin and some
other people hung out with him at the mall in Temecula and
we saw a movie. No big deal, just friends hanging out,
right? Not in Brittany's point of view...But I'll get to
that later. So ya, Joey takes me and Jasmin home and such.
Then a few days ago Joey tells me online that he's
starting to like me. (Big surprise, eh?) Well I never said
anything about liking him back. And somehow Brittany heard
about Joey liking me so now she's all mad because she
thinks I'm stealing her ex-bf, even though SHE broke up
with HIM, leaving him heartbroken. On top of that, she
told him to get over her, which apparently he pretty much
has, so I see nothing for her to be mad at. I've done
nothing to her in my opinion. I'm allowed to hang out with
him, aren't I? If I'm wrong about this, someone please
tell me. To make it just the tiniest bit more annoying,
she says, "It's not right for my best friend to be hanging
out with my ex!" Well I have a couple things to say to
that...1) No way am I her best friend! Unless there was
some kind of memo I didn't get or something. Was I on her
friends list in her profile thing? NO! Does she talk to me
more than about once every month? NO! Sorry, but I don't
see how that is being a best friend. And 2) Yes he's her
ex, but that doesn't mean I can't talk to him and be
friends with him! It's not like I'm going out with him, so
fuck that. Please give me some feedback on this, if anyone
is even reading thing, but I'm just really confused about
this whole thing.


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