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2005-03-03 00:59:20 (UTC)

Delay, Dance, and Done(Mar 1&2)

OK ok, I'll make yesterday quick since I was still kinda
sick. We had a 2 hour delay, and I couldn't have been
happier! I GOT TO SLEEP IN!!!!!! Lol, but anyway, our
schedule was all twisted and messed up and crap.

Anyway, nothin really happened in 1st or 2nd, but when 4th
came, we had to do our dance. Oh brother...I really dont
wanna talk about that...all I can say is I dont think we
did that well, and we forgot like half our dance! Heh
heh...not good.

Anyway after gym I was feeling REALLY bad. I thought I was
gonna pass out. So I went to the nurse and she sent me
home. That was yesterday. Now on to today.

Yeah! I get to leave 1st period early EVERY DAY for the
rest of the year! Know why? Cuz Mrs. Connell appointed me
her "music person" meaning I get to bring the music to her
in the morning b4 1st and then leave early for 2nd and take
it back to the band room. Yeah baby! LOL.

2nd period...hmmm...nothin interestin really happend in
2nd. All we did was PSSA prep. MERR! I hate that.

3rd period was, as Temmy likes to call it, "Get Ready Day"
for the chapter test tomorrow. Oi. That's really
annoying. But oh well. I guess thats Temmy for ya!

4th period was MEGA embarrassing. We had to watch our
dances from yesterday. And OMG! My group was like really
close to the camera, and we SUCKED!!!! Majorly bad. I
moved to the back and sat by Laura so ppl wouldnt laugh at
ME. Yeah I kinda didn't care if they laughed at the other
ppl in my group...but I didn't want them laughing at me.

5th period we had to take a Science test, and Heather was
complaining because Alizabeth was "making fun" of her. OK,
I know Alizabeth and she "makes fun" of EVERYBODY! Even
Bridget and Ally and they're like her best friends!
Heather needs to just suck it up!

6th period was just a prep day for the quiz tomorrow. Easy
as pie.

And 7th. We had a quiz, and Mr. Wagner made me take it
calling me the "guinea pig" cuz I wasn't there yesterday.
that didn't bother me cuz I never pay attention in his
class anyway and I always do good on his tests.

Well I guess that's really all there is to say about these
past 2 days. American Idol's on in an hour and I REALLY
hope Mikalah goes home. I also want Joe, David, and Janay
to go home too. Well we'll see if I'm right. Til
tomorrow, luv ya!

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. . .
. LOVE .
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