The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2005-03-02 23:12:34 (UTC)

Poem 30- Castle (9)

second chance to rein,
above the mountain top.
dancing in the snow, without the chains of day,
alone and together,
inside the castle so cold and bitter.
i feel like an ghost, transparent and dead.
but so alive when the dance comes to an end,
the stars above and the snow below.
drifting and sparkling
creating the ilusions of life.
so free, so free, so at one,
so begun and so near the end.
hearing screaming
yet not from inside the mind so used.
time to run, time to replace the chains of day,
changing into the cold and bitter castle itself.
icey and windy, blowing and hailing.
casting pellets into my eyes, but my hand catches
and holds, strong and safe.
the meeting of two on the highest point,
springing from such a day as the one we live today.
and if that can be done, what can not?

© Lucy Griffin March05