Ordinary Girl
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2005-03-02 21:05:48 (UTC)

Portland and a clean room

I am going to go crazy. Not really I'm just going to
copletly rip apart my room. It has been the same for too
long so I'm going to move all the furniture around and then
get rid of everything that I don't use. But first I'm going
to Portland with Mandaline. Woot! I think it will be nice
to get out of the Hood however it can't be too much fun
because yet again I am broke. That should change soon I
I checked Mandaline's site today and yay she had updated.
Its funny because now we bitch at eachother to update via
our sites. Its sad because sometimes her site is the only
way I know what it going on with her. Hey if your wondering
where her site is you can find it at... Hmm perhaps I
should get her permission before I hand out that
information. Maybe another time then.

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