Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-03-02 18:38:53 (UTC)

Happiness and sorrow

Dearest Master,

Thank You for taking this slave out to supper last night.
this slave loves being with You, especially when W/we are

this slave is also sorry that she caused problems for U/us
last night. she has learned her lesson and she will stop
pushing You when You have had enough. this slave promises
that she will listen to You and not try to interpret what
You are saying to meet her own agenda. she will listen to
Your words and take them at face value. this slave is so
sorry that she caused You grief last night. Thank You for
Your forgiveness and for Your wilingness to put the incident
behind U/us and more forward.

Thank You for restraining, blindfolding and collaring this
slave last night. It helped her know that she was still
loved and cared for even when she makes a mistake. It was
hard for this slave to fall asleep, even with the
restraints, but when she finally did fall asleep, she slept
really well. she really enjoyed being awakened by You also.
she really loved servicing You with her mouth this morning.
this slave loves reclining on Your leg, licking, sucking,
lavishing attention on to Your cock. this slave loves to
service You orally.

Well, school is still in session, so this slave must get
back to it. this slave is so in love with You and is so
very proud and happy to belong to You. this slave will
always be Your loving, loyal and devoted slave-pet,