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2005-03-02 18:12:03 (UTC)

Dromedary Day, Part IV - What MANNER of Bullshit is THIS?

I shouldn't do this.

Sitting on the printer was an e-mail cover letter to a
resume sent in by someone who wants to join the panel of
agents here.

I'm sorry.

I have written hundreds of bullshit cover letters in my
life, or so it feels (on particularly bad days, it feels
like thousands!)...

But what MANNER of bullshit is THIS?

"To this end, I am seeking to further my horizons by
joining a dynamic team which challenges its members to over-
exceed their potential and grow within a rewarding and
motivating environment."

Let's think. There is potential. That must be over-
exceeded. I heard over-exceeding is bad for one's health...

And...while I think about it...is not potential the measure
of one's ability? The POTENTIAL to reach 100 reports filed
a day? Potential, as far as I'm concerned, is the upper
(or lower) limit of a set of abilities.

Best watch out about that trying to excede that potential,
dearie. It could be hazardous to your health...drive you
mental reaching for something out of your grasp...

What fucking bullshit.

I wonder if s/he knew when s/he wrote that. I know when my
cover letters are bullshit (100%, actually) - even when I
think they are good.

Good god.

This world needs some serious re-arranging...