2005-03-02 17:59:56 (UTC)


My first thoughts on this weekend were nothing out of the
ordinary as of late. Typical, go home, play with my new
puppies, argue with my mother. But this time I had
intentions of coming back to school to be with my friends
here. Near the end of the week, the plans had changed and
now had something to do on Saturday night. From this
point, the weekend looked to be a high light. After the
boys high school sectonal victory, I traveled home with
the Ratchfords, the few people that help me escape my
tortured reality. After I decided to go home so I could
talk to my mother about her continuous effor to mess up
her and everyone elses lives around her. When I got home,
no one was there, typical. I took the dogs out, which is
always great. To see the pups run around in the snow.
Almost as if a part of my future is in watching them run
around, but the rest of the scenery has changed. Finally
my mother ventured home. Besides the other three attempts
to try and fill her in about everything, seeing she seemed
to have escaped reality. I decided to take the civilized
approach, and we sat down to talk. This is when my
nightmare/dream started. At this point, lets just say, I
should have decided to stay at the Ratchfords, for I ended
up walking half way up there in the freezing cold. But I
guess I didn't really feel it till the warmth of their
coal furnace plastered me with heat. Reminded me of being
on the cruise, and everytime I stepped out of the shade, I
immediately wanted to retreive back under some cover
because the heat was unbearing.
The remainder of the weekend was spent trying to avoid
my mother and have a good time. I'm not exactly sure that
all happened, because sunday morning, I woke up from the
only place where I can escape reality, to find that
everything was still staring me in the face. And I had a
wonderful hangover.
The only thing I can do is think that life can only
get better. But that doesn't seem to be the case. My
quick sand still eats away.

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