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2005-03-02 15:45:42 (UTC)


so i just got a new cd its called Bigwig invitation to
tragedy, anyone whose a fan of pop/punk should def. check
this CD out and i fell in love with a song on it already
its called moosh and here's the lyrics

We sat on a curb after a party.
And I'll never forget how she looked at me so sweet.
We traded thoughts we traded secrets.
And I never thought I'd ever find the girl that made me so
I can remember the taste of our first kiss.
I can't remember a time when I felt like this.
She don't care that I'm always broke.
She always laughs at my dumb jokes.
I can remember the time that we first met.
I can remember the first words that you said.
She must have stolen the stars and set them in her eyes.
She blinds me with a smile everything is all right.
I haven't felt this good in so long.
And I've never felt something ever feel so right.
And I've been away for a while.
And I can't wait to see her smile.