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2005-03-02 11:52:21 (UTC)


well lets start with this weekend went out on friday night
with cody went to a party saw some old friends really lame
though went to another party couldnt get in our new best
friend stood up for up went ot hailys she forgot her keys
so we stood outside forever and then left to my house
on saturday everyone came over cody,flynn, chewy, farris,
sam, our new friend nikki, roberto, lexi, jessica,drew,
kim , erika for the too short of a time, and thats it we
all got really trashed my dad drove us in a limo to
gigantic to the black and white party danced alot got more
drunk didnt feel so hot so i didnt drink anymore and got un-
drunk everyone left i dont really remember when this all
took place justin tackled sam he hit his head on the
concrete really hard robert kept bringing over red stripe
from the bar across the way and that was that saw
conatantine it was really fucken tight slept in to late to
do my lawn failed my quiz today in japanese i have a low C
in the class and i have a test on thursday that im gonna
fail it sucks oh and my roomate is leaveing me even though
theres like only 2 or 4 months left in the semester fuck
her shes a poser now i need to find a roomate to live with
for a little and if not back to btown i hate my life and im
really obsessed with TV On The Radio right now and im
thinking about just wearing a suit from now on..and i like
my girlfriend might go to san fran on friday that would be
nice um i think thats it