Blue Glitter
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2005-03-02 10:16:00 (UTC)

every body has their day

its a snow day eee

i can see it falling relentlessly outside my window. hmmm

well ive done my PEP at long last. and me and becca are
trying to get benji to learn Starbucks for our music exam.
now onto the next piece of work. hmmm what do i have to
go... find my geoggas work! yes, must find the work!

its frazs birthday next thrusday. awww so cute. and his
party on the sat after. very cutesy. now i gotta figure
out how to get there and see if i can crash at his place
and drag becca and cloz along too hehe. awww hes so fazish.

now, away with me! to find and do some work for once!

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