my diary
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2005-03-02 05:50:56 (UTC)

what made me smile today

I think I am stealing a part of this from an entry of
Kal's, but meh :o) I don't think she'll mind. This is
something I don't know as I've ever really taken the time
to do, but for some reason I decided to just look back on
today and think of everything that made me smile. Now
like I said before, being alone with these thoughts can
make one pretty goofy. Let's see though, what made me

It's funny because when I look back, my smiles were always
caused by the little things. It's like Kal said, it's the
person who holds the door for you, or the person you
happen to make eye contact with who instead of looking
away gives you a smile instead. I smiled today as I
talked with my mom about all that was going on back home
that I've been missing. I smiled when I got a text
message from Kal saying, "I want my word of the day,
damnit," because I could just hear her saying that. I
smiled when Lynelle told me she appreciated what I wrote
and that it was what she had been needing to hear. I
smiled, even though I was slightly miffed when I looked
over to find my cat drinking out of my glass of water. I
smiled when I heard a new song, and when I thought about
going out dancing this weekend. I smiled when I thought
about spring break and going away on a mini trip with
Lynelle and Liz. So looking back on today it was my
family, my friends, and all those simple little things
that brought a smile to my face.

See I was hoping to wrap this entry up with some profound
words of wisdom, but my brain has stopped functioning for
the night. So this is what I'll end it with, someone
asked me this weekend why I always looked so happy, why
was I always smiling? I was sort of taken by the
question, not sure how to respond at first. But then I
said simply, life's too short not to smile and not to be
happy. With my amazing family and friends,and of course
the little things that I so often overlook, I have no
reason not to smile, and I am betting most of you don't