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2005-03-02 03:16:09 (UTC)

we're all fine like glitter and gold

so my spring break plans are shaping up, i like how i'm
making spring break plans and tech. i'm not even having a
spring break. i just work and work there is no school or
given breaks in there but oh well. so anyways lately i've
been noticing that i watch a lot of reality TV, laura says
she does too, i watch amazing race, the surreal life, real
world, celebrity fit club, survivor, strange love, road
rules, road rules/real world challenge. oh well i guess
i'm a junkie. on another front soon my fav. time of year
will be approaching us, it being march madness, it takes
me back to when the cuse won it all and syracuse was nuts
for like a month straight and it was just hot. everyone
got laid because they were a syracuse student. i'm going
to get a new tattoo the end of this week its a red heart
with the initials LCS in it. i know its kind of weird
getting someones initials tat'd on ya but with all my tats
i ever get they are going to represent a certain point in
my life and someday when i'm old and gray i'll always have
that on me to remember her, and hopefully she'll still be
a part of my life and i can go see i loved ya back then
and i love ya now. hahahahaha. so my cold is pretty much
gone which makes me very glad. i hate having the cold and
with all the work i got coming up it would have sucked
being around a bunch of drunks with the cold. i had a
huge lunch today and it was damn good. started off with a
salad with slices of ham in it, then had a bowl of chilli,
then steak and lobster then key lime pie for desert, i
also had a couple beers in there but we don't need to go
into that. i guess thats all for tonight

with hugs and kisses, and bedtime wishes.

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