Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2005-03-02 00:46:08 (UTC)

Never giving up

A lot of time has passed so far. Its only recently
that I stopped to notice. today I spent about two or three
hours sewing my cool pants back up. I'm still not finished
either I want to go over them again once more to ensure the
strength of the stitches. I'm going back to the dentist
soon from now which is...ok I guess. I know I need a new
cap for my tooth and fill a couple cavities. _
Thats about it for me and everything so far... Astrid
and I are a bit closer now, which is good. We talked to
each other on the phone the other night and it was really
nice. She wants me to come and see her soon from now and
thats cool. I'm comfortable comming to see her whenever
shes ready or has time. Shes been really confused about
herself lately and full of thought. I just want to always
be there for her whenever I can... I still love her so
much. :)
::sighs:: .... I should've went to see her so long ago
when everything was calm. But I cannot go back and see her
in the past or alter anything that has already happened.
Its hard and painful thinking about all that happened and
went wrong. There are so many more memories to make in the
future though... fun memories, the kind that you never
forget. Thats what I want to do, and I'll always follow my
heart and dreams no matter what. Alright well, I'll just
have to keep doing what I can when I can just like always
and never give up. I'll write again later.