cuncerns of my heart
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2005-03-02 00:10:41 (UTC)


ok so as promised here's the rest a the stori, an for ppl
who didnt read the otha entry, its in my "happy diary"
since thats the happy part a the stori an if ya wanna read
that its unda...username: tears_for_water an entry
name:kickout i forgot the diary name ok here i go
so he wasnt answerin his phone rite? so
my aunt called a physic u can call that weird or wuteva
but i believe in them! an she said, hes fine hes jus
ignorin the phone an altho my aunt does believe in physics
she still wanted ta check out for erself soo she went ova
there an hes jus starin at his phone an sittin my mom says
hes depressed agian...well my uncle james has a lot a
problems like he hears voices (skitsa.....sumthin) an has
obession complusive an well yea so i wry bout em, i mean
everyone does so its not jus me, but still........ well
thats all for now......................tearsxforxwater

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