locked inside ur heart shaped box
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2005-03-02 00:03:01 (UTC)


ok well since this is my "happy diary" im only gunna put
the happy part a this stori in this diary an put the res
in my otha diary.

ok, well my uncle james wasnt anwerin
his phone, an he didnt cum ta my grandma's bday party. so
we were all really worried like my mom thought that he had
a heartattack or something, but he didnt! hes still alive,
well ur prolly wonderin then y wasnt he answerin the
phone? rite? well here cums the sad part...hence i must
now change diaries........if u read this an u wanna no
more jus search tearsxforxwater or TOTAL ROYALTY (thats
wut i'll have the entry under an tearsxforxwater is my
otha username.

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