Elizabeth M.
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2005-03-01 23:45:50 (UTC)

What a mess

Today I woke up late again. My Aunt Tammy decided to
straighten my hair, and I can't believe that I have
straight hair, well until I wash it again. I have had curly
hair all of my life and always wished for straight hair. I
look so different, I actually look hotter than I did w/
curly hair. Mark always told me that I have a very
beautiful face and etc, he always told me that I was the
most beautiful woman that he had ever gone out with even
prettier than Karen and Melissa. He told his family that
too!!! Hey I know that I am not a size 3 nor will I ever be
but I have other things that attract men. If he could see
me know, my eyes stand out even more, As Lee would say "
Blue eyes".
Anyways, My work called to say that my sis and I are both
on the schedule starting thursday, Kate flipped out and
called me, I told the New HD(nancy) that Kate would not be
in until monday and I wont be in until the following
monday, she had already approved time off so I could take
care of my bestfriend in TN. She is now saying that I cant
go, I don't mind being fired over this because it's my dad
and both my sis and myself need time, Crist it's only been
less than 5 days that my dad has been dead and the funeral
is tomorrow. Fuck that, I didn't want to go back to that
job anyways, I'll find something else.
Well, I finally mailed off paper work for grants for
school today. I should be able to get them. I am starting
my new life, I am trying to be strong, I have set a coarse
for myself and I will get threw it one way or another. Mel(
my dad's friend) told me that my dad would be proud of me
to go back to school, I cried. I know that I am not that
smart and I have told others that before but I will make
it. I will pick up the pieces of my life and start all
over. One day I will find happiness.

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