locked inside ur heart shaped box
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2005-03-01 22:26:32 (UTC)

feedbac already....thnx

aw...depression at a young age...reminds me of myself.
n_n; i'm a bit older than you, a few years, but I know
what it's like. hang in there, ok? n_n *huggles and gives
her a cookie* I hope you update your diary with lots of
happy thoughts!

"love and peace!"

hey thnx soo much it really helps when ppl r leavin
messages like that......to *the lost soul* (jus incase u
read this) my otha diary's name is cuncerns of my heart,
but my actual user name for that diary is tearsxforxwater
that is wut i think u should search it unda.......thnx
agian for the feedbac!!:)


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