Sex, Truth, and Rock n' Roll
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2005-03-01 22:18:19 (UTC)

Inspirational Sex

This is the night that inspired me to begin this diary:

I went out with some friends. Nothing special, just a few
drinks. I know I'm underage, but my friend's dad owns this
bar and he makes sure his employees take care of her and
her friends when we come in. For his protection, I'll call
the bar The LL here, but it has a really cool name and I
wish I could share it. Anyways, we were down at the LL,
and it was a fast night, lots of people around. The air
was kind of stuffy and warm from all the body heat
condensed into that one small space, and the music was up
real loud so we could hear it over the talking, but it just
drowned out every other sound in the room.

So I was looking around, and just watching people since I
couldn't hear them, and I saw this guy in the back. He was
sitting at one of the booths, talking to some people he was
with, but facing my direction. Hot as hell, tall, dark
hair that fell over his face a bit. Then he looked up and
his eyes met mine. Instantly, we were locked. I could
feel this cold tingling sensation running over my skin,
like electrical charges. I got nervous and looked away.

An hour or so later, I was moving through the crowd,
looking for my friend Sonia who had managed to up and
vanish on me, and all of a sudden I felt someone's hand
brush against my arm. I turned around and there I was,
nose-to-nose with the mysterious guy with the electically
charged eyes. I audibly gasped. He smiled teasingly, then
reached down, took my hand, and lead me toward the back of
the room. Before I knew it, he was leading me into the
men's restroom. The moment we were inside, he locked the
door and turned to me.

Now this is NOT the kind of thing I do often. My mind was
racing, trying to figure out how to slow things down
without completely wrecking my chances, but then he moved
toward me, put his hands around my waist, and pulled me
into what has got to be the single best kiss of my life. I
pretty much abandoned all inhibitions at this point.

He kissed me again, and this time he slid his hands around
to my ass, lifted me into the air, and set me on top of the
sink, pulling my skirt up as he set me down. At first all
I could feel was the cold porcelain of the sink, but then
he slid one hand onto my thigh, and I felt the cold melt
away with the warmth of his skin. He squeezed my thigh and
I gasped, spreading my legs. He leaned in kissing me hard,
pressing his dick against me. I could feel it through our
clothes, pulsing. He backed away, slightly, and again his
hands were running over my thighs. His fingertips brushed
against my panties and he smiled, feeling the moist silk.
He quickly slid my panties off and brought his fingers back
to my clit. He brushed them gently against my lips and I
quivered. I wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him as
hard as possible before another moment passed. Anything,
anything, just to feel his stiff cock deep inside me.

He leaned in and kissed my neck, dragging his tongue
against my skin. I reacted with a gasp, throwing my head
back and arching my body toward his. In the instant I
arched toward him he thrust his fingers inside me. I
moaned in pleasure and he thrust deeper. His fingers
ligered and I felt myself tightening, ever nerve in my body
writhing in pleasure and yet yearning for more. But he
didn't continue. Instead, he withdrew his fingers and
reached behind me, unbuttoning my dress as he kissed my
neck again. He lifted me once more and moved me to the
cold tile bathroom floor. In an instant, he was standing
over me, rapidly stripping off his pants. He finally
removed them and my eyes widened as I saw his enormous
member, hard as a rock. He was wanting me as badly as I
wanted him... almost.

I sat up, pushing one hand against his chest. He stared
quizzically at me, and I moved my other hand to his
cock. "You tease me," I whispered, "I tease you."

I ran my fingers gently along his shaft, stopping just
short of the tip, then sliding around to the underside of
his penis and running them back the other way. Then,
slowly, I leaned in and repeated the motion with my tongue,
stopping near the head to flick it gently. This time he
moaned, and I flattened my tongue against the head of his
hard cock, beginning to slide down his shaft and take him
into my mouth.

But before I could do anything else he pushed me away,
hard. He pressed me against the floor and climbed over me,
forcing his firm manhood inside me. I started to cry out,
but he held one hand over my mouth, stifling the sound. He
thrust into me, slowly, then more quickly. I was gasping
and moaning. Suddenly, my sense returned to me enough to
whisper between gasps "What is your name?"

"James," he returned, and then pounded into me,
hard. "God, yes!" I screamed, my fingers clawing against
the floor tiles. Then, "Harder!" I screamed, and he
obeyed. His manhood filled me, deeper inside me than I'd
ever felt anyone before. Suddenly I was tight around him,
cum gushing out. "I'm-- OH, GOD!" I screamed. But
instantly he leaned in and (and I'm not kidding here) bit
my neck, hard. I gasped, and felt him suddenly cumming
inside me. Caught up at the same time, I tightened more,
my orgasm stronger with his, and for the first time, he yet
out a loud, ecstatic moan.

So I don't know what the propper, correct thing to do after
THAT is, but at the time I just laid there, the feeling of
cold tile returning, while he put his clothes back on.
Suddenly, I realized that I REALLY had to pee, so I went
into the stall. And I'm sitting there, mid-urination, when
I hear the main door open and close. Soon as I was
finished, I opened the stall door and, as I had expected,
he wasn't there.


So I got dressed and looked for him in the crowd, but
couldn't find him before my friend Sonia found me and said
they were leaving to go to a party at her friend's house.
So I went with her, but I've got to wonder about the
mysterious James who was the wildest thing I've ever done.

After that I decided that if my life's gonna have stuff
like this in it, I want to announce it to someone, even in
a private, private way. So I started this diary.

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