Drama's of My Life
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2005-03-01 21:55:11 (UTC)

My Choir teacher

OMG he is so CUTE, oolalala, and he smells so good. :) HE
is like just out of school maybe not even out yet and he's
like a super hot teacher. OMG he smelt so so so good today
i just......awwwwww:}. But whatever he to old anyways :(.
But i still dream he just so amazing and he such a good
singer and he wears very nice clothing and he's super
caring and nice he really really cares what he students
think of him. He is so cute. I have lesson with him every
tuesday. But i feel like i am going to die when i am with
him. One time he asked to give me a ride and i wanted so
badly to yes, but i didn't. I wish i would of. Now i just
sound crazy dont i. I know i do but thats okay. This is my
diary and i can be crazy it doesn't matter. I can dream of
his secent and ooo and aawwww. I can dream all day long.
And no one will really know who i am talking about and who
i am. I am safe from critizism. Ohh how sute he is he
moust be only 22 or so. AND HE SMELT SO SO SO GOOD. I just
wanted to smell him all day long.

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