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2005-03-01 21:54:33 (UTC)

Family Affairs

Hello you.

Have you ever felt like everyone in one group is against
you? Was that group your own family? Now do you
understand why I hate talking to them? I swear that they
are all against me. I my sisters hate me. period. no
matter how much I change, their feelings don't so screw
them. My bro just thinks all women are "unequal" to man,
to which I say "F you, F you in the ass, F you in the ass
with a pineapple." My dad has never been sane, and a
maniac depressive by far. My mom is the closest to normal
as I am ever going to get with in the confines of this
house, and she is the one who installed the feeling that
it is all my fault that I was born, lived, world hunger,
etc, etc.

I am sorry for the depressing paragraph above. I just had
to get that off my chest.


"I don't care what you say as long as you say to my face"-

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