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2005-03-01 18:22:48 (UTC)

Day Number Four

I knew we wouldn't have a snow day today. Too bad though. I
was really tired this morning because I went to bed at 12.
I got coffee this morning...and went to school. I saw
Jenelle for the first time in like two weeks. Every class
sucked today. In homeroom me and Jenelle were thinking of
ideas for her children's book and we were laughing
hystarically over our ideas, which in essence weren't that
funny at all....I was so overtired it was crazy. It was fun
though. I got out early. I was tempted to stop and see Jenn
at work but I didn't. I want to wait until next week and I
will go see her and Tim's grandpa at the same time. I
should go see her at work though and see if she wants to go
out to eat next week sometime. oh well we will see I guess.
I haven't heard from Tim yet. Hopefully tonight because I
miss him. but as for now I'm ganna go....

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