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2005-03-01 17:21:02 (UTC)



Hello. My name is Charlie. I'm 21 years old and a
student at Citrus College. You're probably wondering why I'm
starting this online journal. It's simple, really.

In June, I'm going to be leaving the house that I
grew up in, the house that I call home, and moving to Las
Vegas. Not because I really want to, but because I have to.
I have to move away from the belly of one beast just to leap
into the jaws of another.

I'm writing this journal because my best friend of
five years moved to Utah last week and I, for the moment,
have only one friend that I completely trust (and she's
plucking out my hair and whistling in my ear as I right
this- she's a bird, in case you're curious).

I'm writing this journal because my trophy wife's
show has been on hiatus since November because of reality
TV- all TRU CALLING fans, watch the show in spring when it
comes back to boost its ratings!!!!!!

OK, that third one's a shameful plug, but I'm also
really writing this journal because I'm starting to see how
full of shit a lot of my friends and family really are.

But mostly, I'm writing this journal because it's
giving me something to do while I wait for moving day. I
wake up every morning in my apartment, thinking about the
above problems and so much more in my life, I look over at
my framed pictures of Eliza Dushku, trophy wife, and I paint
on my happy face because nobody ever accomplished anything
moping around. I know I have to go because it's just how
things have to be, "but as my plastic surgeon always says:
if you gotta go, GO WITH A SMILE!"

So, all that aside, who am I? Simply put, "I'm

I want to be an actor in Hollywood because I plan on
being the next Jack Nicholson and making Dushku my trophy
wife. I have people who believe I have it in me to be an
actor, and a writer too.

I chose to idolize an actor like Nicholson because,
unlike people like Tom Cruise and Keanu Revees and that dude
from Smallville that can't act, he doesn't have that
Hollywood "poster boy" look- like me. Jack has one thing
that none of those other actors will ever have, which he
uses relentlessly in any of his movies, and that's talent.
That and I don't have the Hollywood look, so I have to rely
on my talent.

My favorite TV show is LOST, because I love what
they do with the storyline-within-storyline idea. It works,
and it will certainly be around a lot longer than Desperate
Housewives will be (in my opinion). Before LOST, it was
Tales From the Crypt and Angel (but only for season 5, it
had a good blend of action and humor!). I guess that kinda
gives you an inkling of what's on my DVD player.

My favorite band is DRIVESHAFT! They're bloody
brilliant. I force great things in their future. They ROCK
on LOST!!!!!!! (Read my last paragraph again. I repeat, read
my last paragraph again)

Another band that I like in a close second are The
OffspringÂ… for Smash, and Splinter, and "Gone Away" and
"Beheaded" and anything Dexter Holland has put to pen
period! I also am a fan of Avril Lavigne, which I should
clarify now because I don't want any Anti-Avril e-mails,
I-M's, letter bombs, death threatsÂ…: I like her Let Go
album, it just worked on me in a level that makes sense to
me only (the way I like it), but anything after that
SUCKS!!!!!!! One hit wonder, if anything. Other bands I like
are Depeche Mode, Bone-Thugs-and-Harmony and Metallica.

Well, how much more can I say? I'm a very energetic
person, as anyone who knows me can certainly attest to, I
love any forms of music and watching good movies, and all I
have left to say is that the last few weeks have been very
weird for me, a lot of changes, but change is good. I know
they're happening for a reason, and I know at the end of
this long tunnel there's gonna be a silver lining, like
their always is, so I just have to take the good with the

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