Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-01 16:08:09 (UTC)

God. I dont know anymore

A lot has happened, I just didnt feel like writing in here
about it, but I mine as well now. It snowed so this is our
2nd day off, Im excited I hate schoool. Then last night
something horrible happened and my boyfriend lied right
there..not taking responsibility, It made me wanna die,
cause I really trusted him and now I dont, I dont even
know why we are still together. I just want to end it
cause now I dont trust him, but I cant because I think I'd
feel worse if I did because I do love him. Ugh, I hate
this shit. Why cant everything be normal? I cried so much
last night it was unbelieveable, I hadnt cried that much
since my dad left. I was just falling to pieces and it
seemed like nobody cared. He made me laugh, which helped,
but then I dont think he even understands how I feel right
now.Scared,Confused,Alone. I wish he would just take a
little time to realize how much he hurt me. Like, Okay I
know he loves me, I know that, and I know he cares, but he
needs to show that more. I dont want to hurt him, but I
didnt think he'd hurt me this much. Im gonna go take a
shower and try to forget about everything. Goodbye