Jessica Smith

Behind the Mask...
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2005-03-01 15:41:19 (UTC)

The road ahead

Tomorrow as always i will run through the dark long tunnel
in my searchfor a door, a way to get out
I need to get away from the chaotic mess of this family
Fear tells me the detour is long and to fight this battle
Quietly I hold back every feeling there is to suppress.
I don't know how long i will be strong
i very rarely eat anymore; i keep losing weight
i feel at any second i will snap
Tomorrow i will take another step through the night time
i look behind me, and everyone is reaching for hope beyond
the stars
In my home; there are many secrets, no end to the lies
if I lie low, maybe no one will see me old and weak; my
security gone
life means nothing anymore i am so weak it just wont end
i have some drugs; i could make it stop
Nobody cares; nobody would notice if I were gone, to just
i cannot talk to anyone, there is no one there
What is right? i wouldn't know
i just know i don't like what i see.
Today just one touch would send waves of tears down my
face, and those high walls to fall
I am not any good classic phrase
i have been told and tell myself
i am stuck and peace tells me you will be a survivor.

Contemporary American lit
Jessica Smith

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