My lil life!
2005-03-01 14:15:00 (UTC)

Feb28 Gates again.. *Diane*

Dear Diary,

Today’s Monday and haven’t gone online since mid last week
cause I ran out of internet card. It so happened that my
Electromag Prof sent us a Takehome Quiz via email on
Saturday and I dint check my mail and its supposed to be
submitted today by 10:30am. I had no idea bout it and
because of the whole rally thing, I woke up bout 11am. Lucky
I choose to check my mail on my sis’s laptop.

When I saw the takehome quiz I felt so screwed!!! Godammit!!

But in the end I think it went ok, I went to school and
copied a classmates work and then just passed it on her
table in the faculty and it’s a good thing she wasn’t in at
the moment. Im not sure if she’s gona accept it, but atleast
I know I did my part. All what she said was that it should
be submitted Monday ;)

Today was so so funny, I took a placard with a sign and
booed people who where entering the school. All part to the

I saw my greatest crush today in school. Diane Sampson. I
think she knows my name.. hehehe… Im a really crazy asshole…
I know lots of people who personally know her and they be
willing to introduce us but I don’t want them to. I don’t
think im ready to get to know her cause she’s been my object
of fantasy every since my freshman and have already
developed in my mind, how I think she is. Im afraid that if
I get to know her she might not turn out to be how iv
imagined her. She might turn out to be only human. Be right
now to me shes a Super chick!! Diane Sampson…. What I call
perfection…. If only she know the way I fear her, the way I
admire her, the way I violate her in my head, ohh fuck! I’m
wouldn’t call myself a pervert, but when it come to Diane
Sampson, Yes I am 100% pervert!!

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