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2005-03-01 11:55:51 (UTC)


Life continues to kinda baffle me. Today my Media teacher
said there's some kinda campaign against me; they
obviously wanna throw me out of college, because of my
attendence. i hate my media teacher; he thinks he knows it
all, and he just DOESN'T.

i saw my form tutor on friday, and i told her the lie
(about my friend txt'ing me, saying we weren't gonna be in
college), and she seemed to buy it. anyway, i'm not gonna
skive any more. i can't anyway. the only time i can have
an excused absence now is if my mother phones up. i
fucking hate this college.

i was meant to be going to lg's last night (with sa & ba)
to talk about the holiday n stuff. i hope it comes off,
but i really don't know where i'm gonna get the money
from. i'll give sa a phone later and see what lg said
about it..

sa said we can go to her grans on saturday night..i so
hope this comes off. ah, it'll be just like the olden days
(just me, sc, sa, lm and mv)..no lg..no da..no
anybody..just us lot acting like complete and utter

nothing really much more to say, other than (ugh) i've got
RE in 15 minutes..thank god it's only a short lesson.


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