the shit
2005-03-01 09:44:45 (UTC)

Cry for help and advice 3/01/05

hey, I am bored, Ive been sittin up all night crying over a
girl I truely love But dont no wat to do. Im in a dead end.
I love Jill for many reasons smart, good looking, caring,
understanding and just alot. Then I still have feelings for
my ex-girlfriend Beth because we were together for 4 years
on and off every couple days. Then i like a couple girls
but i can forget them if i could just get Jill or Beth bak.
I am a guy on here i was readin some and it seems to me
most of u on here are females. But with Jill i am complete
inside. With Beth i can smoke, drink, party, just have fun.
Without Jill im completely empty theres nothin to me no
smile or laugh or anything. Just a frown and tears and
anger. Without Beth there is no partying, no smoking,
drinking. Jill and Beth have many things i like about them
but they both have stuff i dont like so will sumone read
this and get bak to me with sum kind of suggestion?

P.s. im not tryin 2 pick up chicks on here i just wanted 2
introduce myself to the public. I just found out about an
online diary tonight bcuz my book is full. So if anyone
knows any tricks of gettin around to shit plz share