Loser In The Making
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2005-03-01 04:49:59 (UTC)

A lot has HAPPEND!

Well for starters im NOT with chris any more, (sorry to say
it, well, not really, but.. THANK GOD! he was like so slow
in relationships.. and like i not like that he made even
me, ME! shy, and thats just not right.) after chris i went
out with zac, (i know.. same name as my brother, but spelt
differently) he made emily break up with me for him.. what
a wimp! the two guys that have broken up with me have both,
BOTH, (!) had someone do it for them, guys are such wimps,
or should i say pussy? (i think pussy is more like it!)

Now guess what! im bi.. lol. I know, i never though i would
be either its still a lil strange for me, i can say it
easily here because its MY diary, only people i want to see
this can, and i dont want the WHOLE world to see it, thats
why i have now taken these things off of my profiles.
ANYWAYS! i just went off subject! (stupid sammy!) But im
with emily, her and i went to elementry school together,
and when i went to terrace park and not ams, well we didnt
really see eachother at all, then i had one of her friends
in my class and when i got let out early for lunch ( miss
biddle rocked and let us out early, that was like last
semester) (by the by, i am in 9th grade now) i would go and
find tim because he was the only person i KNEW (at the
time) that had second lunch and he was always with her.
then i told her that i liked zac, (she went out with him
last year) and then she hooked us up (you know what happend
there) and then like a few weeks after, i asked emily out.
at first it was just like a lil joke type thing, like with
me and samantha. then when we were on out way over to
kenny's for the first time ( the first time i had been
there, she didnt even know him.( kenny went to terrace park
with me) and we were talking and we decided that we would
become more SERIOUS than just like joking around. so then i
said something about us making out at kennys while we were
high and she said she would hold me to that, well that
night we didnt want to in front of ksenia and kenny and
when we left we werent high so like yeah. (we had to WALK
all the way from practically ksenia's back to my house,
long ass way!)

Im kind of pissed at samantha, shes being majorly stupid
right now. she has a "boyfriend", take note of the quotes!
she says her brother has met him and said that they would
be perfect for eachother. she even knew him before her
brother said that and she "liked" him.. HOW CAN YOU LIKE
really like to know, i dont think it is possible, she even
says that she loves him, doubt it, they dont even know
eachother so its TOTALLY imposible. shes such a lying bitch.

Im like acting weird, i know that even sounds weird.
becuase in like some of my emails.. they dont sound like
me.. they sound like claidi, fromt he book i am reading,
and its kind of freaking me out. i mean, yeah i feel the
things she writes, but still, i dont get its. its kind of
like secret window when the main character makes up a
person and he actually BECOMES that person, and does stupid
things like kill people and i dont want to be like that, at
least when my thing happens it only happens when i email
people, and im hoping it will stay that way, i really am
hoping it will.

Your confused Boo.

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