Rot In Pieces 316

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2005-03-01 04:13:50 (UTC)


Why is it snowing? Its March 2morroe. WTF! Mah 13th b-daiis
n da madd happii!! YAY! Well 2daii i went 2
perform @ NJPAC....i did mah part n shyt....madd weird.

2daii he sisnt talk 2 meh..i had 2 i-m him. He acyed all
surprised. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I fuccin hate hi...yet i m in
luv w. him....i think? Im not sure.Y is life so hard?!

Thinkin.:. [[Juss kill yerself]]
Quote.:.[[Idk wat I see in yer eyes. But when I see
all flashes before my mind.]]

[[I hate yew]]

Always and never,

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